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Uber Promotion Codes

First-time Uber riders who request a car through the app will get a promotion code for a free ride (up to $15)!

Cost and Time of an Uber

In the Trip Planner, you can see the cost range and time your trip will take using Uber. 

Choosing Uber Car Size

  1. Tap on the curved arrow on the upper right-hand side of the main screen to launch the Trip Planner
  2. Tap on the Uber option on the bottom of the trip planner options.
  3. Tap Show More Uber Options.
  4. Select the car size you want to request
  5. The Uber app will open with your start and destination locations, and car size all ready to go 

Uber in the Nearby List

It is also possible to reserve an Uber from the Nearby Screen: 

"5 minutes" indicates the approximate delay before an Uber can arrive at your location. 

You can swipe left/right on the Uber listing to view different types of Uber options. 

How to Turn off Uber

  1. In the top right-hand corner of the Nearby Screen, tap the gear icon (on iPhone) or the three dots (on Android) to open the Options Menu:
  2. iOS Android
  3. Tap on Uber to uncheck it as an option for your travels
  4. Uber will no longer appear as a travel option in the Nearby or Trip Planner

Adding Other Ride-Share Services? 

We're interested in adding other ride share services to the app, however, we don't have any concrete plans yet. Stay tuned! 

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