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What is this App?

Transit helps you find your best nearby transit options in  over 130 different cities. You can check live transit schedules, plan trips, and get step-by-step navigation for all kinds of urban transportation, from buses, subways, and trams to Uber, car2go or bike share.

How to Use Transit

When you open Transit for the first time, you'll see the  Nearby Screen of the app: 

  • Your location is shown as a blue dot on the map.
  • Drag the map to reposition the purple dot and explore more transit options in your area. 
  • The list below the map shows nearby transit lines and countdowns to the next departure.
  • Nearby lines are color-coded according to your local transit agency and sorted by proximity, so the routes with stops closest to you will show up at the top. 
  • Swipe left/right on any route in the list to view the other direction. 

Tapping on any route will give you following options: 

Route MapsSee vehicle locations in real time, find nearby stops, and receive stop announcements.

Service Alerts: Keep on top of schedule changes, stop relocations and other unexpected surprises. 

GO: Get step-by-step transit directions and notifications about when to leave for your trip and when to get off. 

Favorite Routes: Always take the same bus? Move it to the top of the list by adding it to your favorites.

Timetables: View the full schedule for a route and set alarms to remind you when to leave. 

More Features 

You can access more options at the top of the screen:

iPhone Android

Trip planner: Tap the curved arrow next to the search bar to enter your destination and get transit directions. 

Search Bar: Tap in the search bar to search for routes, stops, addresses or places of interest.  You can also select Browse All Transit Lines to explore all transit routes in your area. 

Settings and Transit Options: Tap the gear icon (iPhone) or the three dots (Android) to view more options.

Beyond Public Transport

We cover much more than just buses and trains! As well as public transport, you can use Transit to: 

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