Using Transit Offline

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Using Transit Offline

Transit can be super useful even when you don't have access to wifi or data. Here's a breakdown of what changes once your phone goes offline:

Available Offline Not Available Offline
  • See Schedules
    • Without real-time, the arrival times will not reflect delays. The Browse All Lines feature is helpful for pulling up the accurate schedule for a specific stop. 
  • Consult Route Maps
    • See the map for any route by searching for it in the Search Bar.
  • Launch GO
    • Starting GO offline will generate information based scheduled times.
    • GO will still send you notifications for when to get off the bus based on your GPS location.
  • Real-Time Arrivals
    • Without internet access, the app cannot update real-time information to reflect delays or disruptions.
  • Trip Planner
    • No walk, bike, transit, bikeshare or Uber trip results will be available.
  • Live updates
  • Booking an Uber or bikeshare bike
  • Setting alarms

Warning: Without access to data or wifi, your location accuracy will decrease. A blue ring may appear around your location, showing the radius of accuracy.

Location When Offline

Your phone's access to the internet (via data or wifi) can really help improve your location accuracy in the app. When offline, the app utilizes your phone's GPS, which varies in accuracy based on each phone's GPS accuracy.

When moving in and out of access to the internet (say when you're on the subway), the app does its best to keep track of your location. While the app reestablishes the connection, you may see the "Offline. No real-time data" banner. 

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