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Finding a Route Schedule  

  1. In the Nearby Screen, tap the route you want to see the schedule for.
  2. Then, tap the clock icon on the right-hand side.  
  3. You can scroll down to see schedules for upcoming days. 
  4. Swipe left/right at the top of the screen to view the schedule for the opposite direction of the route. 

GO and Reminders in the Schedule Screen

You can use the schedule screen to have Transit notify you when your bus is about to arrive.

Start a GO trip:

Pressing the GO button next to a departure on this screen will start a new GO trip on this line, using the specific departure you selected.

  • This trip will direct you to catch the bus/train at the stop closest to your current location.
  • The app will suggest a likely destination stop based on your saved locations and previous trips.
  • A push notification will be sent to remind you when to leave in time to catch the specified departure.

GO trips are available for departure times within the next hour.

Set a Reminder: 

To be reminded of a departure that is more than an hour away, press the bell icon

  • You will be prompted to set up a reminder a few minutes before the bus leaves. 
  • A push notification will be sent at the selected time.  
  • You will be able to launch GO directly from the reminder notification. 

Real-time vs. Scheduled Arrivals

Where available real-time arrivals display by default in the schedule screen. Just like elsewhere in the app, real-time arrivals are indicated by two antenna waves. 

To toggle between real-time and scheduled arrivals, press and hold the  button in the bottom right-hand corner.

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