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About Bikeshare in Transit

We love bikes! In addition to public transport and rideshare, Transit displays bikeshare options in dozens of cities worldwide.

Bikeshare networks allow you to rent a bicycle at one station and return it to another location - a speedy, fun way to get from A to B.

Pin icons on the map indicate the locations of nearby bikeshare docks. The fullness of each pin represents the number of bikes at the station, and you can tap each pin to see how exactly many bikes and docks are available. 

A bikeshare listing in the Nearby List also indicates nearby bikeshare docks. Swipe left/right on the listing to cycle through different locations. 

Purchase a Pass

In select cities, not only can you locate bikeshare stations on the map and see how many bikes are available, but you can skip the line at the kiosk to buy passes and unlock your bike directly using Transit. 

How to Buy a Bikeshare Pass: 

  1. Tap the bikeshare listing in the Nearby List.
  2. Tap Get a Bike.
  3. If you already have an account with your local bikeshare system, tap Sign In to buy a new pass. 
  4. Otherwise, tap Purchase Access Pass to buy a pass and create an account. 

Unlock a Bike 

  1. Sign in to Transit with your bikeshare account.
    1. You can sign in by tapping Get a Bike in the nearby card, or by tapping Sign In next to the bikeshare listing settings.
  2. Find the bikeshare card in the list of nearby routes, and tap it to expand the options. 
  3. Make sure the bikeshare card shows your closest station. You won't be able to get a ride code if you're too far away from the selected station. Swipe left/right to cycle through nearby stations. 
  4. Tap Get a Bike. You'll see a popup with a series of numbers. 
  5. Select a bike at the station and enter the 5-digit ride code provided on the keypad to the left of the bike.

  6. When the green light displays on the bike dock, pull the bike back firmly from the dock.
  7. Adjust the seat to your preference, strap on a helmet and pedal away!
Worth nothing:
  • Your ride code will expire after a set amount of time, so you’ll need to request a new one when the time’s up.
  • Ride codes are good for only one trip. You’ll be able to request a new code free of charge within the period of your pass.
  • Bikeshare networks have a maximum duration of free trips included in your pass. In most cases, this is 30 minutes. Trips longer than this will incur additional usage fees.

Plan a Bikeshare Trip

Transit can help you get directions that include the most convenient stations at which to rent and return your bike. 

Just make sure your local bikeshare option is enabled in the list of transit modes, then plan your trip.

Tap the trip in the results to see details about which stations to use. You can also get a ride code to unlock a bike at the selected station by tapping Get a Bike.

Pro Tip: You will be able to see additional bikeshare stations near your origin and destination. If you prefer to start or end at a different bikeshare dock, tap these pins on the map to re-route your trip to or from this station.

Troubleshooting Bikeshare in Transit

Payment and Code Problems

If you experience issues with payment or ride codes, contact the customer service department of your bikeshare company directly. They're in a better position to identify where the issue occurred.

Station Connectivity Problems

Rarely, there can be problems with the connection between the app and the bikeshare system. In this case, you will see the following error message:

" The connection to that station could not be established. Please try again later."

This is a problem with the bikeshare stations themselves, and is out of our control. We keep a record of these errors for the bikeshare operators to help them investigate persistent issues.

We suggest contacting the bikeshare operator directly if you continue to get this error message when trying to take out a bike. 

Login Problems

If you are unable to log in to your bikeshare account, or if you're not able to get a ride code, send us an email through the About section of the app. 

Please include your bikeshare username, a few details about the problem, and any relevant screenshots so we can help you out!

List of Bike Share Systems Supported for Unlocking

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