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About ridehail in Transit

Ridehail services allow you to request a car to take you to your destination. You can request the car, watch it arrive, track your trip, and pay, all without leaving Transit!

These are the ridehail services we support in Transit: 

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Via (New York City, Washington DC, Chicago IL)
  • Ola (Australia & New Zealand)

Pro tip: Our multimodal trip planner, Transit+, can help you find trips that combine ridehail with public transport and get you to your destination as quickly as possible. 

Ordering a ride

To order a ride from the Nearby Screen: 

  1. Find the ridehail card in the Nearby list:
    The card shows available ridehail options and approximate wait times for each service. 
  2. Tap the ridehail card. 
  3. Select your destination.  

To order a ride from the Trip Planner: 

  1. Plan a trip and locate the ridehail option in the trip planner: 
  2. Tap the trip to choose your ride.

To confirm your ride:

  1. Choose your service.
    1. Swipe left or right to select the type of car you need (carpool, regular car, XL, taxi, etc.).
    2. Tap the different services to select your preferred option. 
  2. Tap Request
  3. Move the map to confirm your pickup location. 
  4. Tap Confirm Pickup and your ride will be on its way! 

During the Ride

While riding, you can minimize the ridehail trip in the same way you would minimize GO to explore other transit options:

  • If you are on Android, tap your phone's back button
  • If you are on iPhone, swipe down from the top of the screen. 
Pro Tips:
  • Call or message your driver from this screen, or change the dropoff location.
  • Check out the color of your ride right on the map!

Signing In to your Account

When you request your first ride through Transit, you'll be prompted to sign in or create a ridehail account. 

You can also sign in or out from the settings.

  1. In the top left-hand corner of the screen, tap the gear icon:
  2. In the section labelled Available Services, tap Sign In next to the service you want to use. 
  3. Follow the steps to connect your account. 

Cancelling a ride

To cancel a ride, tap the X in the top left corner of the ridehail screen. Cancellation fees may apply.

Paying for a ride

When you confirm your pickup location, tap the credit card icon to choose your preferred payment option.

Your receipt will be emailed to you after your trip.

If you have any questions about the charges or any issues with your account, contact the ridehail service's customer service department directly. They're better placed to help you out.

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