About GO: The Transit Trip Companion

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For more information about customizing GO for your personal needs, check out  Customize GO.

About GO

Transit’s GO feature is your personal public transport companion to guide you from your front door through one or multiple transit connections, all the way to your destination. It uses your phone's GPS and motion activity to detect whether you're walking, waiting at the stop, or on the bus. 

GO helps you navigate the transport system by sending the following notifications:

  • Leave Now, when it’s time to leave to catch the bus,
  • Hurry Up, to remind you to hurry up if you’re going to miss your ride,
  • Your stop is __ stops away, to alert you when your destination stop is approaching,
  • Might miss the __ connection, in case the first part of your trip was too slow, 
  • Time to Get Off, when it's time to switch routes or when you're at your destination. 

GO also lets you know if your vehicle goes on a detour or if you've missed your connection, causing GO to switch to the next departure. 

Once launched, GO runs in the background and works with voice notifications, so you can get lost in your music or take a nap without worrying about missing your. When you arrive at your destination, GO switches off automatically.

When you ride with GO, you provide other riders on your line with more accurate real-time tracking information. 
The more you use GO, the more people you help! Read more here:  Crowdsourcing

Start GO from the Trip Planner

  1. Tap the search bar to plan a trip. (Click here for details about the trip planner.)
  2. Tap the search result that best meets your needs.
  3. On the Trip Details screen, tap GO.

Start GO for a Specific Line

  1. On the Nearby Screen, find your transit line in the list of options.
  2. Tap the route.
  3. Tap the GO button.
  4. Select your destination stop at the bottom of the screen to receive a notification when it's coming up: 

Start GO for a Later Departure

  1. Find your route in the list of nearby options.
  2. Tap the route to expand more options.
  3. Tap the departure you want to take. If it's not shown, select See Full Schedules, then tap the desired departure.
  4. The Route Detail screen will update to show information about the selected trip. 
  5. Tap GO.

Start GO on the Bus/Train

When you open Transit on a bus or train, just select the route in question, and tap the big GO button. Wait a few moments and Transit will detect that you're on board.

It doesn't matter if the departure listed isn't the one you're on. Because GO detects whether you're on a vehicle or walking, once you've selected a route and Transit has detected that you’re on board, it dismisses all scheduled (or real-time) departure times. GO will adjust to show information about your current trip.

Battery and Data Usage

While GO does require battery, we’ve managed to keep it down to  ~5% for an average 20-minute trip (and that assumes you’re glued to your phone the entire ride.)

The same typical GO trip will take less than 100kb of data. That’s less than a kitten  GIF,  but more than a text message.


Your exact position is never shared with other riders. All data you generate using GO is anonymous, and it automatically turns off when you reach your destination. The position of the vehicle is only shared while GO is active and you’re on board. 

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