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About Live

We know that nobody knows your commuting transit lines better than you do, so we've designed a feature in the app that allows you to interact with other Transit riders about the status of the line. Post a problem, vote on the severity of the delay, and add comments to other commuters posts. All you need to sign up is a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. 

We designed Live to be self-moderating so once a post has more than 2 downvotes, we remove it from the notifications. You can help in removing irrelevant content by downvoting expired updates! 

We only have Live in few cities right now as we perfect it, but we hope to expand it in all supported cities so stay tuned! 

Reporting a Problem Using Live

  1. Ready to report a problem? Tap on the line you want to report a problem on in the Nearby Screen
  2. Then, tap on the Service Alerts notification bubble
  3. Then, tap Report a Problem
  4. Make sure you sign into either your Facebook, Google or Twitter account
  5. Describe the problem and tap Post!

Marking an Update as Resolved

If you see a post that is outdated, tap the down arrow to indicate that it's no longer useful.

A post must get two downvotes for it to be removed from the list. Help us moderate Live by downvoting outdated updates to remove them from the feed.

Updating an Issue in Live

To add information to a post, simply add a comment to the post by tapping on the post, and typing your update in the Got More Details? text box, and then hit post!

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