Customizing Transit

Make Transit your own! 

We know everyone commutes differently. Here are some ways you can customize Transit so it works best for you: 

  • Make the routes you use every day favorites so that they always show at the top of the home page.
  • Create favorite locations for your home, work, gym, favorite bagel shop, etc. 
  • Hide transit modes you never use throgh the options menu.
  • Modify your trip planner preferences to minimize walking or include bike routes.
  • Sign up for service alerts to get notified of disruptions on the lines you rely on.

But where's my city?

The world is a big place, with a lot of transit agencies that we can't add all at once. In some cases, agencies don’t share the transit data we need for them to be included. But don’t lose hope! We’re always continuing to add new cities. Shoot us an email at if you just can't wait!

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