Transit 101

The feed below the map shows nearby transit options and countdowns to the next departure, sorted by proximity.

Swipe left/right over the route to see the other directions.

Countdowns followed by waves are real-time predictions based on data from the transit agency. If not, you’ll see scheduled times. 

Tap any route in the list to show more options:

Route Maps: See vehicle locations in real time, find nearby stops, and receive stop announcements. 
Service alerts: Keep on top of schedule changes, stop relocations and other unexpected surprises.
Tap GO to get step-by-step transit directions and notifications about when to leave for your trip and when to get off. 
Favorites: Always take the same bus? Move it to the top of the list by adding it to your favorites. 
Timetables: View the full schedule for a route and set alarms to remind you to leave. 

Plan a Trip!

  • Compare trips side by side and tap each result for more details.
  • Select your preferred transport modes or minimize walking in your journey by tapping Options.

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