Real-time Arrivals

Here's what this article covers:

Identify Real-Time Information

You can check if an arrival prediction in the app is real-time by looking for two antenna waves next to the countdown. 

If these waves aren't present, the times in the app are based on the official schedules, and won't reflect any delays or service changes. 

While we would love to provide perfect real-time information for all agencies, not all of the agency vehicles are equipped with GPS, and unfortunately we don't quite have the budget to upgrade all the transit fleets in the world.

Compare Real-Time and Scheduled Arrivals

  1. Tap the route in the Nearby List, then tap See Full Schedule.
  2. Press and hold the button in the bottom right-hand corner to compare real-time predictions with scheduled arrivals:

About Real-Time Information

Where possible, Transit provides real-time arrival information about your bus so you can get more accurate predictions about when it will  actually arrive! 

Here's how real-time works:

  • Transit agencies use GPS trackers in their buses and trains to monitor the position of the vehicle. 
  • Then, they use the vehicle location to calculate a more precise arrival time for your stop.
  • They send this new arrival time to us and we display it in the app! 

Since real-time arrivals are based on the actual location of the bus, they'll change depending on whether the bus is running early or late. 

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