Route Maps & Vehicle Tracking

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How To See Route Maps

  1. From the Nearby Screen, tap on the route you want to see
  2. Then, tap on the map pin:
  3. Swipe left/right at the top of the screen to see all the directions of the route on the map
  4. Tap the bus location to see when it was last updated

Understanding Bus & Train Icons

We display bus and train icons on the map that represent the location of vehicles on that route. Tap on the icons to see whether the bus location is based on real-time data, schedule data, or crowdsourcing:

  • Real-time data: If your bus location is based on agency-provided real-time location data, the bus icon will show how long ago that bus’ location was updated, for example: “28 Seconds ago by MTA”.
  • Schedule Data: For agencies or bus routes without real-time data, tapping on the bus icons will show “Based on Schedule”, meaning the location is estimated based on the current time and the planned bus schedule.
  • GO Crowdsourcing: For agencies with GO crowdsourcing, buses with active GO Crowdsourcing users on them will be marked with a smiley face and label that says “Powered by GO”.

Starting GO from Route Maps

Tapping GO next to a bus stop name in the route calculates a trip to that bus stop from your current location. 

Pro tip: When you're riding the bus and want notifications for when to get off, launch GO from this screen by clicking on the GO button next to your stop!

Viewing Connecting Lines

To view the arrival times for connecting lines for any stop on the route maps:

  • Tap the station you would like to see connecting lines for
  • Tap Connecting Lines
  • See the transit options near the station you've selected 

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